Burnley Council are ignoring COP26 and climate control.

Burnley Council produced a Local Plan and quoted in it that it was a living document and should change when necessary to accommodate future issues.
The biggest change the world has ever seen is coming, the world is heating up and this Council are ignoring it, hoping to complete all building plans before being challenged.
Since COP26 the Council has issued a Climate Control Stratergy Policy but fails to ensure all NEW HOUSING adheres to it.
All new housing should have to include Heat Pumps and Solar Panels, but the DC members claim if they force developers to do this the developers will build elsewhere in other boroughs, this then reduces the council income on Council Rates.

Greater Manchester plans 225,000 new homes

Why would prospective New House Buyes come further afield to Burnley to buy a NEW EXPENSIVE LUXURY EXECUTIVE home.
The Greater Manchester Spacial Framework is planning - schools, green spaces, roads and health facilities alongside the new homes, offices and factories and all 20-30 miles close to Manchester with Tram, Metro, better Bus Services and new park and ride traffic easing systems.

Greater Manchester plans for 225,000 new homes revealed - BBC News
New motorway junction, train station and trams being proposed
The infrastructure around Greater manchester is to be improved making easier access to all City Center ammenities and cut down on the Home to Work Journey.
BURNLEY Council has no such plans - they just want to build houses for profit with no planned investment in transport, services, primary schools, medical facilities or town center access and parking.

Burnley Council want to destroy this for profit.

Early morning Deer on Hollins Cross Farm

Hollins Cross Farm - Early morning Deer

NO PHYSICAL SURVEYS of Hollins Cross Farm have been done. There is significant Ecological interest as this site is on the NERC Register yet STILL the SO CALLED PLANNING OFFICERS who are SUPPOSED to be EXPERTS in their field have done no up to date surveys.
NO SITE WALKOVERS have been done.
IS this poor investigatory work because we have NO planning officers at the Council - have they all been made redundant who knows ?
ARE we the tax payer being RIPPED-OFF by contracted Planning companies employed by the Council with no financial regulation in place to monitor their activity ?

Hollins Cross Farm pond July 2016

Hollins Cross Farm pond July 2016

ALL SURVEYS CONDUCTED are DESKTOP Paper Shuffling exercises by Sub-Contractors in out of town offices. The have relied on OUT of DATE information some of it 30 years OLD.
WHY waste taxpayers money when this site is NEVER GOING to get through a planning application?
WHO gave the contracts to these external contractors, were they subject to a tendering exercise ?
SHOULD we be investigating links between prominent councillors and these external Planning Companies?
It may be worthwhile finding out if any conflict of interests have been ignored in the tendering of external contracts for external planning consutancy.

Abandonded Shallow Coal Mines

Hollins Cross Farm Abandonded Shallow Coal Mines

WHY WOULD SENSIBLE people waste £Millions on sites that are riddled with ABANDONED SHALLOW COAL MINES?
It is obvious that Hollins Cross Farm has not been fully investigated, and as such whatever costs involved in putting it forward as a viable site to develope NEW EXCLUSIVE DELUXE HOUSING on is really a CRIMINAL OFFENCE of ENDANGERMENT to LIFE.
ALL MEMBERS of the CURRENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE have been put on notice legally that the Residents who support this Campaign WILL hold them and the Council RESPONSIBLE for any Damages caused by the Development of Hollins Cross Farm to any of OUR Properties and any subsequent FLOOD damage that is caused by the disturbance of the site by development.

Central Government Advocate
Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment

11. Conserving and enhancing the natural environment - National Planning Policy Framework - Guidance - GOV.UK
Protecting and enhancing valued landscapes, geological conservation interests and soils.
Recognising the wider benefits of ecosystem services
Minimising impacts on biodiversity and providing net gains in biodiversity where possible, contributing to the Government�s commitment to halt the overall decline in biodiversity, including by establishing coherent ecological networks that are more resilient to current and future pressures
Preventing both new and existing development from contributing to or being put at unacceptable risk from, or being adversely affected by unacceptable levels of soil, air, water or noise pollution or land instability
Remediating and mitigating despoiled, degraded, derelict, contaminated and unstable land, where appropriate.

In preparing plans to meet development needs, the aim should be to minimise pollution and other adverse effects on the local and natural environment. Plans should allocate land with the least environmental or amenity value, where consistent with other policies in this Framework.
Planning policies and decisions should encourage the effective use of land by re-using land that has been previously developed (brownfield land), provided that it is not of high environmental value. Local planning authorities may continue to consider the case for setting a locally appropriate target for the use of brownfield land.
Local planning authorities should take into account the economic and other benefits of the best and most versatile agricultural land. Where significant development of agricultural land is demonstrated to be necessary, local planning authorities should seek to use areas of poorer quality land in preference to that of a higher quality.
Local planning authorities should set criteria based policies against which proposals for any development on or affecting protected wildlife or geodiversity sites or landscape areas will be judged. Distinctions should be made between the hierarchy of international, national and locally designated sites1, so that protection is commensurate with their status and gives appropriate weight to their importance and the contribution that they make to wider ecological networks.
10. Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change - National Planning Policy Framework - Guidance - GOV.UK

Local Plan 2016 Costs

Coun. Birtwistle, the current leader of the Burnley Liberal Democrat group, asked the council to reveal how much it had so far spent on preparing the document which sets out how and where housing and new industrial units will be built in the borough in the coming years.
He said: "I have been told that, to date, the council has spent £1.54m. on producing the Local Plan. By the time it's finished, the total cost is expected to be £1.9m. "All of this money is coming out of revenue accounts. I think it's a staggering amount of money, just to produce a glossy brochure. It is also running late. "I appreciate we have to have a plan but I think that money could have been better spent elsewhere. I think we could have done this for around £200,000 to £300,000.

Population Growths

Burnley wildlife conservation forums response have sited that Burnley Council have got the expected population growth completely wrong, the town is in actual fact shrinking population wise as there is not enough local employment to sustain the up and coming young job seekers.

An excerpt from this document:-

Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing on behalf of the Burnley Wildlife Conservation Forum in response to Burnley's New Local Plan, Issues & Options Consultation.
Burnley's Population has been in long-term decline now over a lengthy historic period, more recently from 89,542-87,059, a reduction of 2,483 in 10 years at an average of 250 per annum. It is generally accepted that the population needs to at least stablise and if possible the long-term decline reversed with some population growth occurring during the 15 years period of the New Local Plan.

Read the full document

View PDF

This endorses the facts that Burnley Council have got this serisouly wrong and there is NO population explosion, not over the past 15 years nor in the next 15 years of the NEW plan proposed by Burnley Council.
The Office of National Statistics has calculated that there will be a decline in the population right up to 2032 so if the council build 2483 new houses then there will need to be 10,000 people moving up the property ladder there will be another 2500 empty houses in the town.
The Council will now have to demolish 500 houses per year for 10 years just to clear the slums. As the council intend to build 209 houses per year, there will be an excess of Brownfield sites to build on.
Destruction of Greenfield sites by development for pure profit at the expense of the wildlife is illegal.

Burnley Council NEEDED £10,000 per Band 'D' House to PROP up their FAILING FINANCIAL PLAN. That boat has sailed so now they have signed an agreement with Barnfields to build 2483 houses on council land.
There will be very few Socially Sustainable Houses built in the Local Plan 2016 , as NO YUPPIE wants a Council house next to his £25,000-350,000 DELUX 5 Bedroom Executive House.

Empty Houses

The town does not need 3000 new houses, as at present there are some 2800+ empty properties in the town that need to be refurbished to provide sustainable affordable social and owned low cost housing.

Properties should be compulsary purchased at a value commenserate to the condition of the building and an inner town rebuilding program started.

In order to produce a better quality and more attractive new style property, 2 houses should be combined into one property to give upstairs 3 bedrooms and a large bathroom and downstairs create 2 large reception rooms and a kitchen. The old outhouses / kitchens should be removed and the back yard turned into a walled town garden to give children an area to play and relax.

At the front the road should be marked with a 2 car space as many families now have 2 cars.

This idea has already been trialed in Accrington.

No New Hospitals

When Burnely council decide to add 2700-3000 New Houses to the Borough the Majority of these NEW HOUSES are to be High end LUXURY DELUXE EXECUTIVE houses in the £250-350,000 price range aimed at attracting Young Manchester Money to relocate to Burnley this means that the Council hope for an increase of 10-12,000 in the towns population.

THERE ARE NO HOSPITAL FACILITIES for these 10-12,000 people NO A&E at Burnley and an already overwhelmed A&E at Blackburn Royal - both these hospitals have only just come out of special measures

Such is the embarrasment of Blackburn Royal and its inabilty to cope with A&E patients for the out-lying areas - the Person who filmed this video has just been "Ordered by a Boss at Blakburn Royal" to take this video off Facebook - Well Prospective Developers and House Buyers looking to come to Burnley welcome to Health Care in East Lancs - it will get worse with more people.

This Dictatorial Censorship Attitude is typical of Large organisations who think the public have no right to the truth, Local Councils, Hospital Trusts, Government Officials to name a few.

Over Priced Houses

Burnley Council are potentially trying to creating a "Housing Bubble" by planning to build £250,000-350,000 3,4 & 5 Bedroom Houses in "Green Field" locations - the average house prices as quoted by RightMove 20/10/2016:-

The majority of sales in Burnley during the last year were terraced properties, selling for an average price of £62,723. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £124,387, with detached properties fetching £192,069.

Burnley, with an overall average price of £98,166, was similar in terms of sold prices to nearby Padiham (£96,692), but was more expensive than Nelson (£65,539) and cheaper than Fence (£232,521).

Overall sold prices in Burnley over the last year were 3% up on the previous year and similar to the 2008 level of £98,339.

New Primary Schools

Burnley needs investment in new Primary Schools, at present there is not always first choice school places available to local children in all areas.

If the town is to keep its "LifeBlood" next generations let alone attract "new lifeblood" is needs to help parents and potential parents find schools that are close to home. This in turn then attracts professional people such as teachers to the town and so creates more wealth in the town by them spending their salaries here.

New expensive houses built on Greenfield Sites such as Hollins Cross Farm will not entise people from more affluent employment backgrounds to come to Burnley when there are no facilities for their Wives and Children.

Building houses with no planned infrastructure improvements and deminished services, local welfare support deparments and a very limited town center shopping center means that at present the town is not an attractive proposition to the intended professional "Young Manchester Money" demographic group.

New Roads and New Infrastructure

The Council needs to improve Roads in the area before building houses, the bottom of Active way needs to be linked to the Gannow Top roundabouts to give better access to the M65 for Eastern side of the town ( Harle Syke).
A new link needs to be added to the M65 Junction in stoneyhome to allow traffic to go to BlackBurn and Preston, this again would improve traffic flow from the east side of town.
There should also be an exit sliproad to allow traffic from Blackburn to exit to stoneyhome, this gives access to the Sixthform college and helps ease congestion at the Gannow Top roundabout.

Existing Road Juctions and Road Widening

The Council need to improve all the so called "Pinch Points", Glen View Road/Manchester Road/Rossendale Road/Accrington Road /Liverpool Road.

The road from Accrington Road / Rossendale Road A679 to the M65 J9 should be widened and the roundabout at J9 enlarged.At Rush Hour the traffic is backed up all the way from Manchester Road/Rossendale Road Traffic Lights to the M65 Motorway J9 (Nose to Tail)

The M65 J9 should have and entry sliproad to allow travel westwards and also an exit sliproad to allow traffic access to the business parks eitherside of junction 9.

Improving Rail Links

Better train links to manchester need to be created, at present there is an hourly service that takes commuters to Manchester Victoria this takes 1 hour and commuters then need to take the tram to get to the Main Center of Manchester.

To be an efficient hub to Mancheter the line needs upgrading by electrification.

There needs to be investment in larger new trains to replace the old dirty trains that have been dumped on Burnley. This journey time needs to be reduced by 30% to allow the additional tram connection to make the total journey below the 60 minute barrier.

A new multistory car park needs to be built to get people to commute rather than drive. At present Plans have been passed to createa new car park on the old Ambulance Station, BUT there is only provision for 77 more cars. This should be a multi-storey car park to hold 500 cars at least. Building 3000 more houses in Burnley means even if 15% of those are "New Young Mancheter Money" would still mean 450 cars need to be parked everyday.

Better Bus Services

Better bus services to service the train station to allow people to leave cars at home and get the shuttle bus to the station.
Burnley Bus station

There will soon be less parking spaces in Burnley to "Park and Ride" so if you think you can "Let the Train Take the Strain" and park your car and walk to the stattion on Manchester Road to commute to Manchester - think again you will be one of the Young Manchester Money who have bought your NEW EXCLUSIVE DELUXE house in the backwater of Burnley only to find its even harder to commute to the center of Mancheter.
Offices hope for former Thompson Centre car park
If you are a prospective employer thinking of Renting Office space in the Newly proposed office block the council want to build on the Thompson center Car Park it maybe worth a rethink - WHERE are YOUR STAFF going to Park ?

The X43 Witch Way

X43 Witch Way

Morning Journey from Manchester Road X43 Bus Stop - the Bus is usually packed at 08:00ish you are better getting on at the Bus Station to get a good seat, also they never come on time. The Wifi is hit and miss on the Bus, the conditions are cramped for using laptop. The inbound journey takes 1hr 10mins-ish

A recent Commute test was conducted on 06/12/2016
Return Journey - a quote from the commuter - "We stood at bus stop on Deansgate for 1 hour from 16:30-17:30, then the Bus inched its way along in the traffic the whole journey from Deansgate to Hollins Cross Farm took over 3.5 hours. So for 8 Hours / day you work and up to 4hrs+ you will travel, and this gets worse in winter."

Burnley Council want to attract "Young Manchester Money" to the 3000 new houses they intend to build here IF you were young prosperous and had the choice. Now planned, funded and PASSED "The Trafford Waters" - ALL NEW shops, amenities, great transport links within minutes of your work , new primary school, care home for elderly and the list goes on.....

Other towns closer to manchester are already building infrastructures prior to building houses.

Burnley Council think that hey can attract Young Manchester Money to come here and live and commute back to Manchester.

It is a 3-4hours daily commute by car or a 2-3 hour commute by smelly old train.

Bury / Greater Manchester have already started a 225,000 house mass building scheme with 1000's of jobs being created, clean trams systems and excellent motorway links to the center of manchester.

Burnley is 20 miles further field and has less efficient transport links.
Journey from Hollins Cross Farm - Manchester City Center

The daily commute from Hollins Cross Farm Burnley is horrendous in bad weather.

And all the while GMC continue to improve rail, tram, road and bus systems for Rochdale, Oldham, Middleton, Farnworth, Stalybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne,Leigh, StockPort, Didsbury, Altrincham and the List goes on.

There are numerous Park and Rides in the Greater Manchester area but NON en-route from Burnley, so again this does not help being a Satellite Resident.

Future transport links from Greater Manchester Towns to City Center

There are no plans to improve transport links as far afield as Burnley. The minimum time it will take to commute from Hollins Cross Farm to Deansgate is 70 minutes by the X43 Bus Service.

THE Preferred Options Plan 2006

Burnley Council got it completely wrong for the town LAST TIME 2006

Burnley Council had a Local Plan some 10 years ago and promised many things in 2006 now 10 years on and a great deal has not happened.

An excerpt from this document:- Read more

Page 2 section 1.8 and 3.3

By 2016, Burnley will be a thriving town in England's North West. It will provide a good quality of life for everyone. At the same time Padiham will have become a thriving market town. Both towns will be places in which people can have pride and confidence.

We will achieve this vision by:
  • protecting the best elements of our local identity;
  • by improving the poorest;
  • and by minimising the impact on the environment.

The last 2 statements in these Key aims are now null and void and the last one is now a complete back track now as the council wish to destroy our Environments.

Read the full document

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Page 14 section 3.18

KEY AIM 3 - Better quality housing and spaces


The areas and neighbourhoods where people live will provide decent homes for all in a quality environment. All new housing development will take place within the existing urban boundary, and wherever possible will be on brownfield land, or in converted buildings. Locations for new housing development will have to be well related to existing public transport infrastructure, jobs and services. This endorses the facts that Burnley Council make plans that they make promises on and then fail to deliver past 10 year plan never materialised nor will the next 10 year NEW plan proposed by the Council.

Destruction of Greenfield sites by allowing the moving of the Urban Boudary is for pure profit at the expense of the wildlife and for no viable need.

Burnley Council ALSO said this LAST TIME in 2006

Another excerpt from this document:-
Page 97 of the Burnley Local Plan 2006   Read more

OBJECTIVE E2 - To protect and enhance the natural environment

  • Target E2a - All sites of nature conservation and ecological value protected from inappropriate development.
  • Target E2b - 36ha of new Local Nature Reserves designated by 2010 and a further 36ha designated between 2010 and 2020 to achieve English Nature's "1 in ain a 1000" Local Nature Reserve Target.
  • Target E2d - to increase tree cover to 8% by 2020.
  • Target E2e - To produce the supplementary planning document on development and flood risk by 2006.
  • Target E2f - All homes to be within 300 metres of a natural greenspace of at least 2ha. in size.
  • Target E2g - At least one accessible natural greenspace of 20ha. within 2km. of every home
  • Target E2h - One accessible natural greenspace of 100ha. within 5km. of every home
  • Target E2i - One accessible natural greenspace of 500ha. within 10km. of every home.

  • OBJECTIVE E3 - To protect and enhance biodiversity and habitats

    • Target E3a - During the plan period there will be no net loss of / or damage to protected species and habitats as a result of development.

Read the full document

View PDF

Page 98 of the Burnley Local Plan 2006  Read more

OBJECTIVE E4 - To maintain the Borough's Green Belt

  • Target E4a - All areas of Green Belt to be protected from inappropriate development, unless "very special circumstances" can be demonstrated

OBJECTIVE E5 - To protect and enhance the Borough's landscape

OBJECTIVE E6 - To protect other major open land areas other than Green Belt
  • Target E6a - All Major Open Areas to be protected from inappropriate development.

OBJECTIVE E7 - To improve the Borough's watercourses including its rivers and the canal

  • Target E7a - Maintain all rivers at Good/Fair quality

OBJECTIVE E8 - To protect the best agricultural land and promote rural diversification

  • Target E8a - No more than 3% of best and most versatile agricultural land in the Borough lost from agriculture.

Burnley Council - the SAME LABOUR Council as 2006 who Vowed to Protect Greenfield sites as part of its Local Plan NOW want to destroy Hollins Cross Farm in 2016